It’s been nearly three years since my last blog post (on the similarities between Yoga and Divorce Mediation). How time flies! I’ve been busy helping couples and families find optimal outcomes to their divorce and family disputes, while attending seminars and conferences to make my services that much more helpful in divorce mediation. But it’s time for a change, to add some updates to my website, and a renewed dedication to informing, educating, and apprising you—my readers—on information related to the field.

As part of that effort for change and refreshment, the news I have to share for Whole Mediation is that I will be launching a new and improved website here at in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to check back to take a look, and tell me what you think!

Did you know that I was one of the first mediators ever to blog?

Here’s my first-ever blog post, from all the way back in 2008!

You might ask about why my sudden return to providing regular updates? I feel that divorce mediation is a strong tool to help people find constructive solutions to divorce and family issues, and not enough people are even aware of it. I know that I can help them find positive solutions or at least a reasonable outcome to their divorce issues and do it in a more civil, dignified manner.

I’ve had so many years in this field, and I know that there is so much information and resources out there to share. A blog is the best place to do that. I want to use this space on my website to offer helpful information and suggestions, as well as best practices and tips to help couples find peaceful conclusion to their conflict.

Acrimonious court battles are not the only option to divorce. In this blog, I hope to remind my readers of that fact and begin the process toward helping them achieve better solutions and healing when ending their marriage.

So, look forward to regular updates here on my Whole Mediation Blog!


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