Mediation is a productive dispute resolution process used by divorcing couples to come to a mutual agreement. The mediator facilitates the discussions and guides the divorcing couple toward solutions and at the same time both parties have a chance to express feelings and needs with dignity. Divorce mediation is an economical alternative to hiring lawyers and dealing with drawn out legal proceedings and court dates. While divorce mediation can be highly effective and less time consuming than legal procession, the attitude of each party is crucial to ensuring productive mediation sessions and reaching and agreeable settlement. Here are some suggestions that can help you have a smoother and more successful mediation process.

Speak up

One of the main reasons mediation is a better alternative to litigation is that each party is provided a safe platform to express their feelings and opinions. An agreement won’t be reached and your needs won’t be met unless you speak up. The goal is to come to a settlement that works for both parties, so express the things you need. You are the best person to express your needs and ideas and doing so can be very self empowering!

Keep an open mind

In order to reach an agreement that works for both of you, you must be willing to compromise. If you’re not wiling to compromise, legal action may be the only solution. There is no winner or loser in mediation—both parties must agree in order for the process to work; there are usually concessions from both participants. Even though there are concessions, if you keep an open mind you can create solutions that work for both of you.

Be patient

Patience is key. Like divorce itself, mediation is not an overnight process. Although it is usually quicker than litigation, the length of the process will depend on each party, where they are in the divorcing process, and their attitude. Be patient with your spouse and yourself because you both must live with the decisions you make for the rest of your lives. It takes time to create an agreement that works well for both of you.

Stay on track

It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and get frustrated with your spouse. Arguments will only make things escalate further, and the goal is to reach an agreeable settlement without having to go to court. Set personal issues aside so that the mediator can help you focus on the task at hand. Reaching this mutual decision will be a huge weight off your shoulders so that you can move on with your life on a clean slate.

Follow these tips to ensure successful divorce mediation. Contact Whole Mediation to start a healthy divorce resolution process.

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