Is this statement really true: Half of all marriages end in divorce?

It’s been embedded in our minds time and time again, but is the statistic accurate? The answer is actually no, however it’s close. According to, the divorce rate in the U.S. from first marriages is 41 percent—not quite 50, but definitely close. However, the divorce rate for second marriage is 60 percent and third marriage is 73 percent. The defined divorce rate refers to the number of divorces per 1,000 married persons. The divorce rate in America has decreased steadily since 2000 according to the Huffington Post, but so has the overall rate of marriage. Interestingly marriage rates have continued to decline since 2008 as divorce rates began to slowly increase once again.

Divorce is emotionally painful and difficult, but it’s not a bad, evil or unhealthy thing. Unfortunately, our society places negative connotations on divorce that can often make divorcees feel guilt, shame or failure, which is not how it should be. In fact, the act of divorcing takes a great deal of bravery and confidence. People seeking divorce are trying to do what they think is best given the circumstances. They should be able to do this without the negativity and stereotypes inflicted by society.

So what are the contributing factors that lead to a couple’s decision to divorce? Studies say it could be genetics, education, income level, or where they live. In the end, the decision to split up a marriage is personal to individual circumstances. Even though divorce is difficult, it is often the best option for a couple.

Mediation is a healthy, effective process for couples going through a divorce. At Whole Mediation, our professional mediator facilitates a safe space for conflicting parties to express their feelings and needs so that the outcome is mutually beneficial. Divorce mediation is an efficient alternative to litigation that creates realistic agreements between the two parties.

Contact Whole Mediation to learn more about divorce mediation and to see if this process is right for you.

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