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Divorce Financial Analyst

Debra’s expertise and experience in financial matters will help you devise a sound financial agreement

Divorce necessitates the making of complex financial decisions that will significantly impact the future of clients and their family. As a divorce financial analyst, Debra helps clients understand their financial picture so that they can make well-informed decisions. Although lawyers are trained to advocate for their clients, they are often less skilled when it comes to dealing with complex financial matters. Debra works with clients and their attorneys in a cooperative and collaborative fashion to bridge that gap so that clients are able to craft a financial settlement that works best for them and their family.

Whether a divorce has been in the making for a long time or it comes completely by surprise, for most clients divorce is a time of considerable anxiety, fear, and confusion. Debra empowers her clients by helping them understand their unique financial situation, evaluate options, and create a more harmonious experience as they head down the arduous path to divorce.

As a divorce financial analyst, Debra will help you understand your particular financial situation

  • Compile, organize, and understand financial information
  • Establish property valuations
  • Understand various aspects of financial information
  • Create realistic budgets
  • Determine income availability for each spouse
  • Grasp the short- and long-term impact of various options
  • Offer insights about options to meet objectives
  • Understand the tax impact of various options

The services of Whole Mediation are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney, investment broker, or tax advisor. We introduce our clients to a carefully selected list of professional divorce associates when a specialist is needed.

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