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Divorce Advisor

As a divorce advisor, Debra will help you navigate a course through unsettling, uncharted waters

Divorcing clients need to make decisions about matters that they care about most at a time when they are facing immense emotional upheaval. This is extremely daunting, to say the least. Clients predictably turn to lawyers for help and advocacy; however, they need more. Lawyers, while skilled in handling the legal aspects of a divorce, are unable to help clients navigate the emotional, complex financial, parenting, and logistical questions that arise before, during, and after the divorce. A divorce advisor is a professional who enables couples to better handle the divorce process and ultimately create a healthier future for them and their family.

A divorce advisor is a skilled professional who guides clients through the complexity of divorce, supports them throughout the process, helps them transition through the divorce with dignity, and enables them to develop a strategy to achieve their goals and objectives. A divorce advisor is not there to provide legal advice, therapy, or financial advice.

Debra utilizes her skills acquired as an experienced certified public accountant, lawyer, mediator, and divorce financial analyst to guide her clients through the divorcing process while they work with other attorneys, mediators, and parenting professionals. The divorce advisor can be a vital service for clients, as well as their attorneys, to help their clients have a more positive divorce experience.

Why use a divorce advisor?

  • A divorce advisor is a skilled specialist used to help clients keep conflict from escalating and to help them craft the optimum solutions for your family.
  • A divorce advisor may be used to assess the situation, evaluate next steps, strategize, and prepare for the dispute resolution process.
  • A divorce advisor advances clients’ ability to participate in difficult dialogues, mediations, or negotiations by helping them understand the conflict, create options, learn communication skills, and develop negotiation ability.

The services of Whole Mediation are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney, investment broker, or tax advisor. We introduce our clients to a carefully selected list of professional divorce associates when a specialist is needed.

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