One of the most difficult parts about divorce is how it affects the family unit—especially when children are involved. Joint custody may not be easy, but it’s the best way to provide your children with the close parent relationships they deserve. At Whole Mediation, we provide divorce mediation that can help separating couples create an agreeable, mutually beneficial parenting strategy. With the school year back in full swing, follow these co-parenting tips for a cordial relationship with your ex for your children’s sake.

Keep the kids out of it

The issues that come with a breakup should stay between you and your ex. As much as possible, don’t get your children involved. Avoid talking negatively about your ex in front of the kids so that they don’t feel like they have to take sides. Never use a child as messenger or your own personal spy—leave them out of your relationship conflicts.

Create a new relationship

Despite legal separation, you will need to maintain some sort of relationship with your ex if you’re trying to co-parent. Think of it as a new bond, one that is focused on the well-being and needs of your children. In order to transition from a romantic to a parenting relationship, keep your tone businesslike, keep conversations kid-focused, and commit to consistent contact so that you both know when communication will occur.

Make it a team effort

Keeping consistency between both parents will create a more cohesive parenting plan for your children, similar to how they were raised before the divorce. Establish a set of rules, such as bedtimes and after school activities, and a consistent discipline routine. Keeping similar guidelines in each household will eliminate conflict in parenting strategies—if one of you forbids junk food in the house while the other is constantly providing treats, a conflict will most likely arise.

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