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Choosing a Divorce Mediator from Cimira Studios on Vimeo.

“Divorce is not a battle to be won, it’s a problem to be solved.” Mediation is a valuable method for divorcing couples to make decisions that will keep the acrimony down, and create solutions that work for both sides.

Divorce mediators facilitate healthy discussions in order to help clients solve problems. Do you really need a judge to tell you what to do? After all, divorce is a family issue, not a legal issue.

Choosing the right mediator is crucial for couples—mediators come from diverse backgrounds, use different mediation styles, have various areas of expertise and professions, and have a wide range of mediation experience. So ask yourself what you need. Just as you would want to choose the best divorce lawyer to represent you, picking the right divorce mediator will impact the outcome of the mediation process.

No widely recognized license exists for mediators

There is not even a test to pass; no professional organization “certifies” a mediator, which can make choosing one tricky. So what do you do to choose the best mediator for you? Get a referral, do some research, and before hiring a mediator—talk to them. Things to consider:

  • Education and prior professional
  • Experience as a mediator
  • Determine whether the mediator practices full-time as a mediator (it may be difficult for a part-time mediator to shift gears from the other profession)
  • Do you have confidence with the mediator and at the same time feel at ease?
  • What services does the mediator offer?
  • Do they have the skills to bring you and your spouse to an agreement?
  • What is their area of expertise? (some mediators limit their service to parenting issues, some to financial issues, some to both)

Choose a mediator you feel is capable of handling the issues in your situation, that you feel confident in, and that you’re comfortable working with through a difficult time.

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