You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.



Debra works with a team of professionals dedicated to helping you with all aspects of your divorce

When conditions require partnering with other divorce professionals, Debra introduces clients to a community of qualified associates who share her approach to nonadversarial divorces and family transitions.

Clients may select from a list of carefully chosen divorce professionals whose practices align with Debra’s values of client empowerment, respect, and open communication. This collaborative approach provides clients with the benefits of shared resources and the expertise of the affiliated professionals.

Divorce associate specialties


Advise, guide, and help clients using a cooperative, collaborative, and cordial approach


Balance perspectives, enhance expertise, add clarity, and manage communication in complicated situations

Parenting Mediators

Help clients negotiate complex parenting issues where there is a need or preference for a mediator with a parenting mediation specialty

Child Specialists

Focus on the needs and interests of the children

Financial Specialists

Help clients understand financial options and provide expertise and clarification in financial transactions


Address deep emotional issues in order to help clients become unstuck, disentangled, and able to move forward

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