Mediation can be used by families for many situations, not only divorce. No family is perfect, and conflict behind closed doors is completely normal. Family mediation applies the principles of mediation to resolve family disputes through a facilitated process. The mediator promotes honest and open communication between family members to get to the heart of the matter. The mediator advances the family’s discussions and helping them make effective decisions. If your family is going through a serious disagreement or needs help resolving issues, read on to discover why family mediation could be right for you.

Create a solution

A family law mediator is a neutral third party that facilitates discussion and negotiation among family members. The mediator helps create solutions to the issue that are agreeable to all parties involved. 

Avoid the court

Family mediation is an efficient, confidential alternative to litigation, which turns your family situation into public record. Court proceedings are expensive and extremely stressful on the family. Family mediation reduces the cost and emotional toll of getting involved with the courts, turning the argument into a discussion, rather than a battle.

Mend relationships

Getting involved with the law can bring a family argument to a hostile level, eventually breaking a family apart. These relationships can be fixed rather than broken with the help of a mediator, who encourages family cohesiveness and open communication. Don’t let disputes get uglier. it’s not worth ruining relationships with family members when you can actually improve those relationships through mediation.

Take control

The mediation process gives YOU control rather than a lawyer or judge. It allows you to create a solution that works best for you and your family rather than letting someone else, like a lawyer or judge, who doesn’t even know you tell you a solution. In mediation each party is empowered and encouraged to express his or her concerns so that all perspectives are taken into account to reach an optimal solution for all under the circumstances.

Think of the kids

A serious family dispute can be hard on your children. The family mediation process allows everyone to speak up and come to an agreement rather than silencing the voices of your kids through court processions. Your children are an important piece to the puzzle, and mediation can provide them with a comfortable environment to express thoughts and emotions that you may have never heard.

Don’t let your family dispute get any uglier. Consider family mediation to solve your disagreement and salvage relationships.

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