Divorce Mediation

Empowering you to reach healthier, pragmatic, optimal divorce solutions

Uniquely qualified as a mediator, social worker, lawyer, and certified public accountant, Debra will work with you to have a more positive, healthier divorce process.

We offer three services to support you.


Divorce Mediation

A dignified alternative to a costly legal battle

Mediation offers a constructive, affordable alternative to the traditional legal process of pitting one family member against the other. Mediation is a flexible, empowering, client-centered way of resolving conflict that keeps you in control of the outcome.

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Divorce Financial Analyst

Understand your financial picture

A key to making effective decisions is having a clear understanding of your financial situation. A Divorce Financial Analyst can assist you in evaluating your finances so that you can make optimal, informed decisions.

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Divorce Advisor

Navigate the complex aspects of divorce

The Divorce Advisor provides guidance throughout the entire divorce process, making it easier for you to take control and transition into your post divorce life. No two divorces are alike, and the matters of concern are unique for everyone.

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Your divorce is your divorce and you can have it your way.

Divorce is not a legal problem, it’s a family problem.

Choosing your mediator is personal

Select a mediator as carefully as you would choose a heart surgeon! You will be discussing and making decisions about the things you care about most, so make sure the mediator is someone with whom you feel confident. Interview the mediator, ask questions, and make sure they are knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate.

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