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divorce6Divorce and dissolution of domestic partnership is never easy.
 It causes stress within the whole family and involves matters that people care about most. Emotions are heightened by fear, lack of control, miscommunication and distrust between spouses.Debra offers a one hour initial consultation at no cost for divorce mediation, domestic partnership, and cohabitation dissolution cases.Divorce mediation process »
Typical divorce and dissolution issues »
Divorce mediation benefits »

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Divorce mediation is a process that provides couples with a safe environment where they can express their individual needs, and create their own solutions. After all, once the divorce is final, the individuals involved are the people who will live with the outcome.Divorce and family dissolution mediation is a confidential process in which a neutral third party facilitates the discussions between the spouses or partners to reach agreements based upon their individual circumstances. Mediation provides the opportunity to solve divorce and family issues in privacy, with dignity and cooperation, rather than acrimony.
Typical divorce and dissolution issues include:

divorce7 (1)//
 Property and debt division

// Parenting plans

// Child support

// Spousal support

// Tax issues

// Post decree issues
Divorce mediation benefits:

divorce8// Resolve conflict with dignity

// Balance power differences

// Improve future relationships

// Reduce time and costs

// Focus on unique needs

// Empower participants

// Create durable, realistic agreements

// Keep people out of the courtroom

// Promote respectful, open communication

// Keep control in the hands of participants