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mediation allows people to reach agreements addressing their situation in their own way.

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Whole Mediation offers a way to reach optimal outcomes and resolve divorce.

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Mediation Helps Make it Simple:

Whole Mediation and Consulting Services, founded by Debra Synovec, an experienced lawyer, social worker and CPA, provides skillful professional divorce mediation services in the Seattle, Bellevue, Bainbridge and Whidbey Island areas. Divorce mediation is a client-centered approach helping individuals and their families achieve affordable, durable, workable solutions in a confidential cooperative environment. Unlike traditional legal outcomes, mediation helps individuals and their spouse resolve even the most complex divorce-related issues, for mutual satisfaction and affirmation between both parties. Finding the best solutions to meet the needs of all individuals involved, saving everyone money and time. Divorce mediation has many benefits over traditional litigation.

Divorce Mediation:

Debra Synovec, a Seattle mediator and certified divorce financial analyst, uses a client-centered approach with the valid assumption that using the guidance of an impartial mediator people ultimately reach the best solution while conserving their financial resources and reducing acrimony.

Mediation Benefits:

– Promotes cooperation and communication
– Empowers parties to resolve their own disputes, not the courts
– Provides a positive approach to problem resolution
– Costs less than litigation
– Provides personal and financial confidentiality

Business Mediation:

Workplace and Business Conflicts if allowed to fester can be costly and lower employee morale. Resulting in poor performance and employee turnover, negatively affecting the business and ending in litigation, costing the business money and time.

Business Conflicts We Resolve:

– Employer/Employee Disputes
– Co-Worker Disputes
– Management Disputes
– Business Partner Disputes
– Customer Disputes

Family Mediation:

Family disputes divide family members by critical importance, traditionally the legal system promotes two options, winning or losing. Litigation does not recognize the emotional distress and issues behind family disputes. Lawyers and Accountants may resolve legal and wealth disputes but do not have the skills or knowledge to resolve emotional issues and individual needs within the family.

Family Conflicts We Resolve:

– Estate Planning
– Probate and Trust Administration
– Business Succession Planning

Ten Tips for Preparing for Divorce Mediation

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Here are some things to think about in preparing for the mediation of your divorce.


Divorce Mediator’s Toolbox

Last week in an effort to keep up on the trends and developments in the dispute resolution profession I attended the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution 12th Annual Spring Conference held in San Francisco.


Real Divorce Mediation: How it Works

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I co-mediate divorces with John Duda, M.F.T., a family and couples therapist who practices on the peninsula south of San Francisco. John and I appreciate the collaborative aspect of our mediation practice.